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Balance breaking is an important skill in Jitsu Jitsu teaches defences against various weapons Jitsu incorporates various kicks, including front, side and rear kicks Throws enable a Jitsuka to overbalance an attacker Locks can immobilise or cause serious damage to an attacker Breakfalling reduces the chance of injury from a fall, and enables the Jitsuka to get to their feet quickly if they've been thrown Strangles enable you to quickly incapacitate an opponent Jumping We train in a dojo like this with soft mats to cushion against falls and to make groundwork more comfortable Jitsu teaches you to be able to defend yourself on the ground Like many other martial arts, Jitsu uses a system of coloured belts to acknowledge achievements in the art

Want to learn a practical martial art that doesn’t require superhuman strength and bottomless pockets?

At City Jitsu Club, we’ll teach you how to defend yourself against unarmed and armed attackers. And Jitsu’s other benefits include being fun, good exercise and even improving your confidence.

Beginners are always welcome. We train at City University, Islington, which is within easy reach of buses, trains and London Underground.

Your first session is free and you’ll only need to wear loose clothing (no special suit). If you want to learn more, contact us or turn up!

UPDATE: At the moment, our venue is closed, undergoing renovation, but leave your details and we'll get back to you when we have a new venue or the current one is reopened. In the meantime, Sensei Shepherd will be teaching at Westminster Jitsu Club, Hugh Cubitt Centre - 48 Collier Street, London N1 9QZ, on Mondays 7pm-9pm and Wednesdays 8pm-10pm:

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